More About Mom

Until the early seventies, there were no women in the Harvard Band.  Except one.  Her name was Alice Tondel.  A Cambridge artist, she was commissioned to paint a drum head the night before the 1949 Harvard-Yale game.  That night was the beginning of a long career of posters, Christmas cards, Bass Drum Journals, marigolds, clipboards, and cigars.

Mom's career with the Harvard Band outlasted several directors and thousands of students. Do you have a Mom memory or story that you would like to share?  Drop a note to

Who was this "Mom" person?  Read all about her in this Harvard Crimson article, which has been annotated for accuracy (as always seems necessary with Crimson articles).
Alice explains in her own words how she became Mom and what her role was.
Alice had always planned to write a book about the Harvard Band and spent many years collecting the stories of band members.  This is a rough outline of what she was looking to accomplish.